NQA carries out external quality assessments in higher education. With an NQA assessment report you can apply for NVAO accreditation. Since 2003, NQA has assessed more than 1000 study programmes in higher education. NQA has nearly one thousand substantive domain experts on its books, who can be mobilized for assessments. For each assessment, NQA together with the study programme in question, selects an unbiased panel that carries out an audit visit. A competent panel is the basis for a good assessment. That’s why NQA goes to such lengths to assemble an up-to-date, high-quality and trustworthy pool of panel members. As a result, NQA can very quickly compile a first-rate panel; of all evaluation bureaus, it receives the least objections from the NVAO concerning its panel member nominations.

What can NQA offer?

  • Study programme audit visit
  • Cluster audit visit and meta analysis
  • Evaluation of practice-based research
  • International assessments

Preparations for applying for accreditation
You would probably like some more information before committing yourself to an assessment. NQA offers various advice services relating to internal and external quality assurance. Do you want to know how big a step a study programme must take before it qualifies for accreditation? NQA will be pleased to advise you.

Do you want to know what NQA can mean for your organization? Please contact Paul Thijssen.