Quick scan graduation

NQA has developed a quick scan that allows study programmes and teachers to gain insight in a number of crucial aspects relating to the structure and assessment of the graduate phase and decide if these are satisfactory. For a quick scan, NQA will delegate two experienced auditors who will review your graduation phase within one day.

What happens during a graduation quick scan?

  • Are the graduation process and the corresponding procedures adequately described?
  • Are the assessment criteria and the corresponding assessment forms satisfactory?
  • Are the procedures, the graduation process and assessment criteria sufficiently clear-cut, manageable and feasible?
  • Can the processes and procedures be conducted as anticipated?
  • Are the graduate dossiers in accordance with procedures and do they satisfy the stipulated criteria? To what extent are the judgements calibrated?

To conclude matters, you will receive verbal feedback on the results of the various areas of inspection and a summary of the most important findings and risk factors. You swiftly have a clear picture of satisfactory points and those that still need extra attention. Naturally a quick scan can be tailor-made to suit your particular situation and wishes.

If you want to know more about what NQA can mean for your organisation, please contact Paul Thijssen.