• Quick scan graduation

    NQA has developed a quick scan that enables study programmes and teachers to check if a number of crucial processes and their implementation are adequately dealt with during the graduation phase. Within a single day, two experienced auditors can give you a clear picture on the quality status of your graduation phase.

  • NQA and Hobéon fine-tune assessment criteria with one another

    How judgements of different study programmes are formed is becoming increasingly important. Study programmes use these judgements to enhance their own profile and link them to performance contracts. Soon to be introduced cluster assessment, aims to improve comparability. However, this does not solve differences in assessment between various evaluation bureaus.


  • Focus on quality assurance policy
  • Support in applying for accreditation
  • Trial institutional quality assurance control check
  • Training of auditors for educational institutes
  • Training and supervision of exam committees
  • Quick scan graduation


  • Study programme audit visit
  • Cluster audit visit and meta analysis
  • Evaluation of practice-based research
  • International assessments
  • Preparations for applying for accreditation

Netherlands Quality Agency

Netherlands Quality Agency B.V. appraises education institutes and advises on internal and external quality assurance. With its various consultancy services and accreditation schemes, NQA contributes to the continual improvement of education.

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