Evaluation of practice-based research

Since 2010, institutes for higher education are themselves responsible for ensuring the quality of their research. NQA offers institutes for higher education, the compulsory external evaluation for practice-based research. This guarantees you a high quality elaboration of the five compulsory research questions contained in the Brancheprotocol Kwaliteitszorg Onderzoek (Branch Protocol Research Quality Assurance, only available in Dutch). NQA is aware of the questions that pose problems for research institutes and knows how to conduct an evaluation substantively and efficiently.

What does a practice-based research evaluation involve?

  • The five compulsory research questions that make up the Brancheprotocol Kwaliteitszorg Onderzoek form the basic assumption of the evaluation.
  • NQA also offers you ample room to implement the evaluation process in your own way. NQA is compatible with your quality assurance system and assessment framework.
  • A suitable, experienced evaluation committee will conduct a one day visit and draw up a report. The turnaround time is fast; you will receive a report within four weeks after the visit.
  • You can constantly monitor progress of the evaluation via the NQA portal.

If you wish to know more about a practice-based research evaluation, please contact Inge de Jong.