About NQA

Netherlands Quality Agency B.V. assesses education institutes and advises them on their internal and external quality assurance. Clients are secondary schools and intermediate vocational training institutes, institutes for higher education, universities and corporate training. With its different consultancy services and assessment tracks, NQA contributes to the continual improvement of education quality. NQA works with a permanent staff that consists of a management, auditors/consultants and management assistants. In addition, NQA has at its disposal a network of nearly one thousand experienced domain experts who can be deployed as members of an audit visit panel.

Why NQA?

  • Plays a leading role in quality assurance;
  • Specialist in (higher) education;
  • Professional, experienced auditors who are used to working with independent domain experts as panel members during audit visits;
  • Excellent process managers. NQA fulfils its obligations;
  • High-quality domain experts that serve as panel members;
  • More than 100 clients;
  • More than 1000 assessments in higher education since 2003;
  • Corporate social responsibility.

NQA is active in the field of corporate social responsibility and is branch transcending in its cooperation with Raeflex B.V., an inspection bureau for the corporate sector and with Carèntas B.V., specialised in consultancy and assessment of quality assurance for healthcare institutes. NQA has also issued the quality label Nederlandse Waarborg Pensioenadvies (Guarantee Dutch Pension Advice). A hallmark that guarantees an unbiased assessment of the quality and impartiality of pension advice.