In 2011 NQA supervised the University of St. Maarten to report on the value of the graduate diploma issued by the Teacher Education Program (TEP). This was prompted by a 2009 evaluation by the  Netherlands Antilles Centre for School Improvement (NA-CSI) which concluded that the significance of such a diploma was not clear.

NQA first supervised the drawing up of an inventory on how the Teacher Education Programme policy compares to demands set by the NVAO assessment framework. Via desk research and interviews on location, the goals, programme, staff policy, facilities, quality assurance system and realized level were charted and described in the form of an evaluation report. Thanks to the advisory role of NQA, the study programme was able to submit a dossier to a committee of experts. The committee was positive in its verdict on the value of the diploma. The complexity of the subject matter has induced the University of St. Maarten to voice its appreciation for NQA’s patient, considerate and constructive advisory role.