Cluster audit visit and meta analysis

In 2015, the cluster-based assessment will become compulsory.

A cluster audit visit improves the mutual comparisons of audit judgements because audit visit groups within one cluster are assessed by a single panel. After completing the individual assessments, the panel can compare all study programmes of the audit visit group so that study programmes from the same sector can learn from each other’s results. Cluster assessments also offers opportunities for better collaboration within one education sector.

What does a cluster assessment with a meta analysis look like?

  • During a preparatory meeting with the study programmes, NQA determines specific points of interest that are important to the audit visit group.
  • NQA takes into account the wishes of the audit visit group when compiling the panel.
  • NQA makes a preliminary meta analysis and discusses this with part of the panel and all the participating study programmes.
  • Ultimately, NQA drafts a definite meta analysis. This contains comparisons and analyses on the basis of the critical reflections, the audit visits and the previously determined specific topics. In addition to best practices, the meta analysis also offers points for improvement and recommendations.

Do you want to know more about a NQA cluster audit visit? Please contact Peter van Achteren.