Training and supervising exam committees

NQA organizes workshops for exam committees that place special emphasis on ensuring the quality of tests and exams. NQA explains how exam committees, by adopting an efficient and practical approach, can comply with WHW requirements regarding quality assurance.

Among the questions that will be dealt with are: “How can exam committees guarantee the graduation level?”, “How does an exam committee know if the results of the spot checks it undertakes, also comply with how external experts evaluate standards?” and “How, within its task radius, can an exam committee efficiently organize quality assurance?”

What are the characteristics of an exam committee training?

  • Relevant information about how audit panels work; their inspection of graduate works and how they consult with the exam committee.
  • Realistic approach using case histories from an institute’s own study programme.
  • Study of graduate works and collective review of the results.
  • After completing the workshop, participants have better insight in how an exam committee can guarantee graduate level criteria and how external experts assess this.

Do you want to know more about NQA’s study programme audit? Please contact Paul Thijssen.